photography by Cindy Ruprecht


Gallery of work


Many of my paintings are for sale along with notecards. Items are available for sale on Prints are also available by request. Or you can contact me directly via email on my contact page.


I Love pottery. Working with Earth in my hands is one of those things that make me feel complete. It is so ancient and incorporates fire, water, earth and air. What an amazing process! Looking forward to pit firing in the future. Many of these items are still for sale. 



I've been spending the last few weeks setting up my pottery shop.  Can't wait to get in production mode.







Many of these pieces are still available for purchase at the Confluence Gallery. If you would like you can also check my etsy site to purchase that way or contact me directly.


Sign work

I don't claim to be a sign painter, but I have done several smallish signs for people.

These signs are done with enamel to stand up to the weather.


T-shirt design/Logos

I love doing t-shirt designs! I will be coming out with my own line soon. Can't wait to get started!

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leather work

Love Leather! I have really been selling my custom archery hip quivers. I never would have thought that would be one of my best sellers.


I love working with plants and fiber. Ethnobotany is a love of mine. Weaving together a knowledge of plants into everyday life is how the sacred used to be always with us. There was no separation. That is why making the things you use, has such significance. You have to go through such a learning process of place to be able to make something from scratch, and know your materials intimately. 

knit wear

What can I say......I love fiber!


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Confluence Gallery – Twisp, WA ongoing. 2013 -

Two Rivers Gallery – Wenatchee, WA 2012

Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat – Leavenworth, WA 2012

Parallax Gallery – closed now.

Totems Show 2016

Confluence Gallery

Confluence Gallery